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Life Edition Episodes

These episodes are intended to help you focus on striving 4 more to live a life of fulfillment and purpose.

Brian Bergford

In order to achieve your goals, you must be committed by having the passion to push forward and the tolerance for the pain and/or roadblocks that show up along the way. Be sure to celebrate your successes and milestones and missteps. It is possible to reach peak performance and Brian Bergford shares some tips to get started.

Laurie Herbers

Have you taken the time to really think of your own legacy? what would you like people to say about you when they speak your name? Laurie Herbers is a Life Coach who is dedicated to helping others discover their purpose and create a long-lasting impactful legacy.

Laurie will offer 10% off for anyone who becomes a client or wants to purchase her course, Turn Loving Yourself into a Habit, if they mention Strive 4 More Podcast.

Justin Aldridge

Having the right mindset is important when it comes to achieving a goal you desire. Fear often keeps us from starting and will interrupt us from finishing. When we do not achieve our goals, we feel like failures. It is hard to expose our failures and be vulnerable. But what if our failures were looked at as positive opportunities for growth?

Matthew Gagne​

Tragedy strikes when we least expect it. One moment our life is roses and rainbows and then BAM—something happens that totally throws a wrench in our life program. The journey towards recovery or renewal from that tragic event or occurrence is not easy.

John Vespasian

I’m sure most of you have realized there’s no secret formula to life. It’s really a series of trial and error. Sometimes things work out well and other times we miss the mark. One thing’s for sure history and the past can teach us a lot. So, how can we learn from history to create a blueprint for life?